Weight Room Rules

Platform Use policy (Effective January 2020):

      • How can I get access to the platforms?
        Effective January 2020, the Recreational Sports Department will begin enforcing stricter safety measures for users of the platform area. In order to gain access to the platform area patrons must demonstrate proficiency in the squat, bench and deadlift during the 30 minute Koret Platform Assessment with one of our certified personal trainers. Additionally, patrons must read and agree with the platform policy and sign the safety and liability paperwork and waivers. Once approved, patrons will receive a Koret Platform Pass.
        To schedule your free skills assessment, please fill out this form
        *Please email KHRC@usfca.edu for special accommodation requests. Any such accommodations requested must be arranged with advance notice of at least 14 business days.
      • What is the Koret Platform Assessment?
        The 30 minute skills assessment will consist primarily of a technique check and paperwork that needs to be read and signed. Please note that you will need to demonstrate technique proficiency and that assessments are not meant to be instructional in nature. For efficiency, we ask that you warm-up on your own prior to the start of the assessment. For safety reasons, not everyone gets cleared after their first attempt.

        If you do not pass, we will provide feedback so that you can re-test in the future. Koret will also provide free workshops and small group training every month to give everyone a chance to learn proper technique.  

        Because we are scheduling a personal trainer to assess you, we ask that you honor our 24-hour cancellation policy.  If the assessment is cancelled less than 24 hours in advance or you are a no show, a mandatory 1 month scheduling freeze and $10 fee will apply. 

    Koret Platform Pass

      Once you pass the skills assessment:
    • You will be given a Koret Platform Pass with your name and photo on it.
    • This will act as your proof of access to the platforms.
    • Koret Platform Pass must be displayed in card holder near the platform, squat rack or bench you are using. 
    • Koret staff will perform ID and safety checks on every round.

    Lost or Forgotten Koret Platform Pass

    • A $10 fee will apply to replace a lost or stolen card.
    • If approved user forgets their Koret Platform Pass, they will have the option of purchasing a pass for $10. 
    • No exceptions, you must have your Koret Platform Pass to access and use platform area.

    Platform-Specific Rules:

        • Must use clamps or collars (in proper position) at all times
        • Must wear closed toe shoes at all times (no sandals or bare feet)
        • Must use safety catches (in proper position) when using the squat rack or bench
        • Must re-rack all equipment after use
        • Must wipe down bars, benches, and any other equipment used with gym wipes 
        • Do not walk through/across platforms or squat racks while they are in use
        • No more than 3 persons per platform, squat rack and bench 
        • No chalk (including liquid chalk)
        • Koret staff reserves the right to modify or prohibit any exercise deemed unsafe or inappropriate for the platform area

    Weight Room Rules:

      • No minors (17 years and younger)
      • No sandals, open-toe shoes, or bare feet
      • No bags or personal belongings (except in cubbies)
      • No removing plates or bars from the platform area
      • No dropping, banging or excessively slamming weights (weight needs to return to the platform in a controlled manner/descent)
      • No actions that threaten the safety and well-being of yourself and others
      • No verbal or physical abuse
      • No outside personal trainers
      • No sexual harassment or offensive behavior
      • No talking on cell phones or FaceTiming
      • No music playing out loud (must wear headphones, earphones, etc.)
      • No food, gum, tobacco products, or glass containers
      • No videotaping or photos (including selfies)
      • No recording or posting of pictures or video of individuals or groups without their consent
      • Must listen and comply with Koret staff enforcing rules and policies 
      • Failure to adhere to policies or to take direction from staff will result in a warning, loss of privileges or suspension of membership
      • Observe all posted signs and equipment warnings
      • Wear workout attire including shirts, shorts/pants and closed-toe athletic shoes
      • Safe and proper use of the equipment required at all times
      • Always use safety clamps and safety catches
      • Use spotter when necessary
      • Allow others to share equipment between sets
      • Re-rack any and all equipment after use
      • Wipe down equipment after use with gym wipes NOT with your towel

      The above policies are subject to change without notice.