Group Exercise

Koret Health and Recreation Center offers a range of group exercise classes.

Abs and Glutes

Skills learned in this class aim to improve core strength and function, leading to fewer injuries, more spinal stability, more power for other lifts, better transfer of forces in sports, and overall improved function in activities in daily life. Notify instructor of any pre-existing injuries before the start of class.

Aqua Fit (Formerly 'Water Aerobics')

Shallow: Conditioning and toning in the shallow water. OK for non-swimmers, but participants should be comfortable in the water.

Deep: Conditioning and toning using Hydro-Fit buoyancy and resistance equipment. Great aerobic workout with no stress. Participants should be comfortable in deep water.

Beginner Hula (Instructional)

Beginner Hula is a drop-in class open to all ages and ability levels. Participants are introduced to the basics of hula, and learn new dances each week. A perfect class for anyone looking to improve coordination.

Beginner Yoga (Instructional-Level 1)

This Hatha Yoga class features introductory yoga postures. Perfect for beginners!

Body Sculpting

Increase muscular strength, endurance and definition using bodyweight exercises, light dumbbells, weighted bars, resistance bands, and a variety of other props. Class intensity varies depending on instructor, please notify your instructor if you have injuries or need modifications.


This class is accessible for all ability levels. A new and cultural way to get a workout in that keeps you fit while also exposing you to exciting choreography and modern music from India. This class is great for toning your body, increasing your flexibility, and enjoying a burst of cardio.

Cardio Kick

A high-intensity, total body workout with elements of martial arts and boxing combined to give you a "power" workout.

Fitness Interval Training

This class incorporates kettlebells, Olympic Bars, battling ropes, body-weight exercises, medicine balls, sprint intervals and challenging circuits to pack a punch to your lunch break! The TRX suspension trainer is utilized in class on M/Th/F.

Hatha Yoga

Emphasizes physical and mental relaxation through a series of postures. This class improves breathing, alignment, balance, strength and flexibility. Open to all levels. If you are injured and/or new to yoga, please inform the instructor so that she may suggest modified poses.

Fitness 101 (Instructional)

This class is accessible for all ability levels. Instructors will teach modifications for many common exercises. Class includes cardio warm-up, bodyweight strength exercises, joint mobility and a light cool down. 

Intro to Rip Training (Instructional)

The TRX Rip Trainer is a bar tethered to a resistance band allowing participants to enjoy a challenging full- body workout incorporating rotational training, core stabilization and varying levels of lower body exercises. All moves can be modified by simply standing closer or farther from the anchor point.

Pilates Mat (Instructional)

This mat class consists of exercises designed to create pelvic stability and abdominal control. It incorporates joint mobility, flexibility and strengthening exercises.

Serenity Yoga

Focuses on the stress-reducing benefits of yoga. This early evening class is a perfect way to end your weekend.

Spin (Indoor Cycling)

This exhilarating program simulates the outdoor biking experience using fixed stationary bicycles in an indoor setting. This workout combines basic, rhythmic and athletic cycling drills with guided focus and motivation to create an outstanding cardiovascular workout! (*Arrive early, spin classes fill up quickly)

TRX (Instructional)

This class utilizes the TRX suspension trainer. Use your body as your machine with this challenging total body workout. Exercises can be modified by adjusting the vector of your body. Space is limited. Online registration is required.

Yoga for Faculty & Staff (All Levels)

This one hour class is designed to provide a USF faculty and staff members with a gentle break from the stresses of the work day. Instructors understand faculty/staff may have to arrive late or leave early.


Ditch the workout and join the party at this workout class that blends simple dance moves, sculpting exercises and fun Latin grooves. Open to all ages and ability levels.

Vinyasa Yoga

This class is an energizing blend of stretching, strengthening and balancing yoga poses that build heat. If you are injured and/or new to yoga, please inform the instructor so that he/she may suggest modified poses.

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