Fall 2013



Paris thumbnailParis: A Global City and Its Immigrants

by Lucy Lyford

Immigrants in Paris contribute immensely to the economic and infrastructural operations of the city. Yet their experiences are seldom comparable to the native population.

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children and the theater of the oppressed thumbnailChildren and Theatre of the Oppressed

by Maija Rivenburg

Join the author on a journey to Uganda as she works to build community and ensure the rights of school children through the medium of participatory theater.

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eye in the sky thumbnailThe Eye in the Sky

by Tyler Cole

Drones are the new weapon of choice for the United States military. But what are the human rights implications of their use against suspected terrorists?

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Eight Letters thumbnailEight Letters

photos by Julia Pereira

There are few opportunities for social mobility and quality education for Lebanon’s 400,000 Palestinian refugees. This photo essay documents the lives and experiences of refugees living close to their ancestral homeland.

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border patrol thumbnailBorder Patrol’s Not-So-Secret: the Normalized Abuse of Migrant Women on the U.S.-Mexico Border

by Valeria Vera

The aim of the United States Border Patrol is to prevent terrorists, weapons, and illegal immigrants from crossing the U.S.-Mexico border. Now heavily militarized, is the Border Patrol out of control?

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