Bearing Witness: Joyce Carol Oates Studies — A call for contributors to the inaugural issue of a scholarly journal on one of the towering figures of American literature.
Marya: A Life - Back in Print
A Bloodsmoor Romance: back in print
Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been? Text and Criticism


Books about Joyce Carol Oates and Her Works


Bastian, Katherine
  • Joyce Carol Oates’s Short Stories Between Tradition and Innovation

Bender, Eileen Teper

  • Joyce Carol Oates: Artist in Residence

Björkman, Stig

  • Joyce Carol Oates: Samtal Med Stig Björkman

Bloom, Harold, ed.

  • Modern Critical Views: Joyce Carol Oates

Cologne-Brookes, Gavin

  • Studies in the Novel: Special Issue on Joyce Carol Oates
  • Dark Eyes on America: The Novels of Joyce Carol Oates

Creighton, Joanne V.

  • Joyce Carol Oates: Novels of the Middle Years
  • Joyce Carol Oates

Daly, Brenda

  • Lavish Self-Divisions: The Novels of Joyce Carol Oates

Friedman, Ellen G.

  • Joyce Carol Oates


Grant, Mary Kathryn
  • The Tragic Vision of Joyce Carol Oates

Johnson, Greg

Lercangée, Francine and Michelson, Bruce F.

  • Joyce Carol Oates: An Annotated Bibliography

Loeb, Monica

  • Literary Marriages: A Study of Intertextuality in a Series of Short Stories by Joyce Carol Oates

Mayer, Sigrid and Hanscom, Martha

  • Critical Reception of the Short Fiction by Joyce Carol Oates and Gabriele Wohmann

Milazzo, Lee, ed.

  • Conversations with Joyce Carol Oates


Norman, Torborg
  • Isolation and Contact: A Study of Character Relationships in Joyce Carol Oates’s Short Stories, 1963–1980

Severin, Hermann

  • The Image of the Intellectual in the Short Stories of Joyce Carol Oates

Showalter, Elaine, ed.

  • Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?

Sreelakshmi, P.

  • Elective Affinities: A Study in the Sources and Intertexts of Joyce Carol Oates’s Short Fiction

Wagner, Linda M., ed.

  • Critical Essays on Joyce Carol Oates

Waller, G.F.

  • Dreaming America: Obsession and Transcendence in the Fiction of Joyce Carol Oates

Watanabe, Nancy Ann

  • Love Eclipsed: Joyce Carol Oates’s Faustian Moral Vision

Wesley, Marilyn C.

  • Refusal and Transgression in Joyce Carol Oates’ Fiction