The University of San Francisco: Information Technology Services

Report a Suspected Security Incident

  • To report a suspected information security incident, please e-mail or, if you prefer to remain anonymous, use the text box below.
  • Upon receiving your report, the Information Security Officer (ISO) will inform the appropriate information steward.
  • If it appears a crime may have been committed, the ISO will also inform Public Safety, which will then create an incident report.
  • ITS will share its detailed investigation reports only with Public Safety and appropriate executive officers. If appropriate, it will report general information to the broader community.
  • Non-criminal incidents will be treated as confidential unless information subject to California law has been compromised, in which case affected individuals will be notified.
  • The ISO will coordinate all involved parties in investigating the incident. He/she will provide frequent status reports to the Vice President for Information Technology and other executive officers, as appropriate, and submit a complete incident report to the Vice President for Information Technology upon completion of the investigation.

Please describe the incident, including the date and location but not including any confidential information in the field below: