The University of San Francisco: Information Technology Services
Network and Web

Local Area Network

ITS provides Local Area Network (LAN) connectivity primarily within the University work areas as well as the various University residence halls, ITS labs, and libraries. The present standard transmission speed for most university connections is 100 Mbit/sec.

There are certain locations such as the Phelan Hall dorm rooms that have yet to be upgraded to standard infrastructure and support only 10 Mbit/sec. The present standard transmission speed between most buildings is 1GBit/sec. Certain locations such as the Pedro Arrupe Residence Hall are running at lower speeds.

The wired LAN connection provides a dedicated 100MBit/sec connection to the computer compared to a wireless access point that provides a maximum of 54Mbit/sec shared between all devices connected to that wireless access point.

The USF LAN is connected to the Internet and Internet 2 over a pair of 1Gbit/sec connections.