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About Streaming Media and Podcasting Services

Streaming media is a technology for delivering multimedia over the Internet. The media can consist of video, audio, and/or animation or screen capture and is delivered, or streamed, to the end-user's computer by a dedicated streaming server.

Streaming video bg reflectViewing media that is streamed, versus downloaded, allows the end-user to view/listen to the information before waiting for the file to download to the computer. ITS administers an Ensemble streaming service to provide streaming media services. Individuals viewing media files at USF should be able to play back the available content within their browser.

Appropriate uses for streaming media might include: student speeches, interviews, presentations, lectures, demonstrations, and virtually any event that would allow individuals to review or view recorded information.

About Podcasting Services

Podcasting implies the delivery of media files, typically audio files, that may be downloaded or streamed. An additional feature of podcasting is that podcasts can be subscribed to, allowing users to automatically receive new audio files, using RSS feeds, from the podcast host. Podcasting files are typically MP3 files downloaded to the end-user's computer, making it convenient for listening to on a computer or portable MP3 player, like an iPod or iRiver device. USF's podcasting service is provided by iTunes University, a service hosted by Apple. Individuals viewing media files through iTunes University should download and use iTunes to playback the available content.

Additional resources and best practices on streaming media and podcasting can be found in the Related Links section of this website.