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Instructional Design

Looking for a creative solution to improve student learning? Want to know how to integrate a new technology or technique to your course? Want to take your course to another level and make it hybrid? An instructional designer can help you achieve your vision based on widely accepted pedagogical practices.

Online learningAt CIT, we use a variety of techniques and tools to help you find the 'best' possible solution to your instructional problem. We maintain that learning is best supported in environments with a high degree of interactivity—interaction between the instructor and the student, from student to student, and interaction between the student and the course content.

Instructional Design Consultation

Interactive learning provides students with an opportunity to engage in a purposeful and thoughtful manner with course content as well as with each other. It can be facilitated in many ways that are adaptable to the specific learning goals and knowledge base of both students and faculty. Various formats of interactivity are discussed below; however, the method(s) chosen for a particular course may include all of these forms or alternate forms more appropriate for the needs of the class. When you consult with an instructional designer, they will work with you to design your course with methods or technologies that will help you share more content, improve student interactivity, and assess your students.

Designing Instruction for Web-based Environments

Listed below are some of the Web-based tools that we can use to augment your content delivery:
  • Canvas
  • Turnitin
  • GoogleApps
  • Wikispaces
  • Online assessment development technologies
  • Web 2.0 technologies
  • Virtual classrooms or Web-conferencing systems Simulations

Multimedia Presentation Technologies in Instruction

We will also consult with you to integrate learning technologies and multimedia into your classroom.

Smart Classrooms
With the proper guidance we can help you to optimize the use of Smart Classrooms for your instruction. Smart Classrooms provide instructors with DVD projection capability and a choice of Mac or PC platforms.


Video is probably the component most people think of first when they hear the word media. It's not surprising given the power of video. It appeals to of two our basic physiological senses in how we view and interpret the world. It is an enormous part of our modern culture, and many of our students have grown up with video as a primary source of information and entertainment. To compliment the possibilities video brings to instruction are numerous formats, production technologies, and distribution possibilities. We keep up-to-date on the latest and greatest in digital video design and production, and will work with the Media Services team within ITS to facilitate individual and custom video production for your course(s).

Audio is a great way to bring specific aspects of your instruction to the fore without a lot of memory and file size concern. Audio files are quite portable and can be distributed through various channels. Whether you want an audio snippet to accompany a specific diagram, brief lecture notes, sound accompaniment, or a full narration, we have the technology to help  you record, edit, and produce professional quality audio for your instructional needs.

Streaming Media and Podcasting Services
Today, iTunesU has become a major repository of learning content for universities worldwide. We can help you to create your own podcasts and work with you to integrate them into your lessons.