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Classroom Technology

Classroom Technology provides technical support and AV equipment for use in learning environments. We believe that technology can enhance instructional effectiveness, increase learning, and improve the curriculum. Our goal is to provide facilities and technical resources that will support outstanding educational programs and enhanced learning.

Reservations for Equipment Delivery and Pickup

Reservations for classroom equipment delivery or pickup are handled by the Help Desk. Delivery requests can also be made online at For more information about equipment available for delivery and pickup, please see the Reservations page.

ProjectorGetting Support for Equipment While a Class is in Session

The Help Desk handles initial requests for urgent support while a class is in session. They will attempt to resolve your problem during the initial call and will escalate to a Classroom Technology support specialist who will come on site for any issue that can't be resolved immediately.

We realize you may not be able to speak for long while calling from a class, so please give your name, classroom, the nature of the problem, and state upfront that you are calling from a class so that we can get to you as soon as possible in case you need to cut the conversation short. Many common classroom issues can be resolved very quickly if you have time to stay on the phone long enough to clarify the issue.

Scheduling a Classroom

To schedule a classroom, please contact your Program Assistant.

Smart Classrooms

There are currently almost 100 Smart Classrooms in the general inventory, and there are plans to continually upgrade rooms on a yearly basis. Each Smart Classroom is equipped with a high-end LCD projector as well as wall-mounted speakers for audio output.

All Level 1 Plus Smart Classrooms are equipped with a DVD player and a VCR. This gives the presenter the ability to project videotapes and DVDs onto the pull-down projection screen. Level 1 Plus classrooms will also have a laptop computer permanently installed into a Laptop Table or lectern for your convenience. These Level 1 Plus classrooms have Mac laptops with both Windows and Mac operating systems that allow the presenter to choose their preference at start-up.

Project Screen

Also, audio and video cables are provided to allow your laptop computer to be connected to the AV system. Note to Macintosh users: please be sure to bring your VGA adapter in order to connect your Mac laptop to the AV system.

Level 2 Smart Classrooms also provide projection capabilities from videocassette, DVD and laptop computers. Additionally, our Level 2 Smart Classrooms include permanently installed Mac Mini computers which allow presenters to choose between Mac and PC operating systems. These computers have the standard USF suite of software, full access to the USF network and Internet, and a built-in DVD drive.

Keys to USF's Smart Classrooms can be obtained from the Help Desk in Lone Mountain North, 2nd Floor, or Gleeson Library. Check for Help Desk hours. Please call us at x6668 to ensure that we can provide the key to the room you have been assigned.

To see a list and pictures of current Smart Classrooms on campus, please see the rooms inventory on the Registrar's web site.

To learn more about our Smart Classrooms, please download our PDF Quick Start Guides below.

Classroom Lecture Capture with Echo 360

Echo360Echo360 is an automated lecture capture system that can be scheduled to record a lecturer's presentation, including audio and video, along with the lecture content that is  presented on the classroom's screen. CIT offers training as well as access to a room with Echo 360. Complete an online request form to record a session.
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Guides to Classroom Technology Equipment

Classroom Support Spreadsheet (Shows what equipment can be delivered to which rooms)