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Second Life

Spring 2008 Tech Talk Topics

Workshop presenters: Jean Hewlett, Regional Librarian at the USF North Bay Regional Campus.Coauthored the book, "I Speak Hypercard: A Guide to Using Hypertext in Your Classroom." JJ Jacobso, Director of the Caledon Libraries in the virtual world of Second Life and teaches online classes for the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign.

Star Bullet 12 Far more than a game, Second Life is an excellent platform for distance education and professional networking. In this workshop, we will discuss the experience of offering university continuing-education classes on Second Life, from the standpoints of both instructor and student. Classes on Second Life do not have the sense of isolation that normally permeates online education. You teach in a virtual classroom that feels like a real place, and you can see your students.  In addition, the virtual world environment allows an instructor to utilize marvelous immersive demonstration materials.