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CIT Quarterly Newsletter - April 2012

iPad3 Innovative Teaching Program

Innovative Teaching ProgramApplications for the CIT’s Innovative Teaching Program will begin April 2nd. Interested faculty can choose to participate for the summer 2012 program which includes an iPad3,12 hours of instruction, and collegial conversations on innovative teaching strategies. Workshop topics include: learning how to operate an iPad, apps for classroom use, designing instruction on the iPad, iBooks Author and eTextbooks, and innovative teaching on the iPad. Register today.

DonsApps Certificate added to the CIT Certificate Program

A new certificate has been added to the CIT Certificate Program. Individuals wanting to develop mastery using USF’s DonsApps version of GoogleApps should consider registering to earn a DonsApps Certificate. The new certificate includes a series of classes to help with the utilization and integration of email, calendaring, docs, sites and forms. Complete all five classes and a final project to earn a certificate.

CIT June Intensives

The annual CIT June Intensives program will launch during the first two weeks of June. Register for extended hands-on workshops that allow more time to learn new techniques and develop skills.  A sampling of the workshop titles include: 21st Century Teaching & Learning, Digital Storytelling, Social Media and Education, Instructional Design, Photoshop Elements, the Flipped Classroom, and Tech Tools for the Classroom.

Blackboard Turnitin and Grademark

Turnitin in BlackboardIt is very easy to add a Turnitin Assignment to any Blackboard course site.

Simply select any Content Area (like Assignments) and in the toolbar options, choose Create Assessment. Then select the Turnitin Assignment and follow the prompts to create your Turnitin Assignment.

Click here to watch a short video on creating a Turnitin Assignment.

Student submissions are found in the course Control Panel > Course Tools > Turntin Assignments. After the students have submitted their assignment, instructors can review the submission and offer online feedback to the students using Turnitin’s GradeMark feature.

ECHO Personal Capture

Capturing content on your own computer

ECHO Personal captureECHO360 is installed in a number of classrooms on campus to allow faculty to schedule recordings of their lectures that could include video of themselves, screen capture and audio. But what if you would like to pre-record a lecture or additional content for the students? Now available to all faculty, staff and students to record content on their own Mac or PC is ECHO Personal Capture. Using a laptop with a microphone and a webcam, you can record a video of yourself (an optional choice), capture whatever is showing on your screen as well as any actions and finally, record your voice narrating the content. For more information, check out our page on the CIT site.

Apple Joins the eBook Revolution
iBooksIn the previous newsletter we had discussed how major textbook publishers are collaborating with eBook developers to publish major titles from their libraries, underscoring the trend toward a more interactive experience for students. Apple has arrived on the eBook scene by announcing iBooks Author.

Instructors may benefit from this application by being able to publish their own material in an eBook format.
GarageBand and iMovie are two popular applications that give individuals the opportunity to self-publish, and it seems that iBooks Author was developed with the same philosophy in mind. In the spirit of creativity, we hope that instructors at USF will seize upon this opportunity to create interactive learning environments using iBooks Author and share the experience with their colleagues.  Click here to view video.

Recap of the Faculty Learning Technologies Fair

Faculty Learning Technology FairNearly 70 faculty attended the first Learning Technologies Fair on January 19th. The fair provided many informative faculty/staff and vendor presentations. One attendee stated, "I was glued to my chair all morning and left with so many new ideas about teaching approaches as well as new uses of technology that we have available to us. There was a wonderful collegial atmosphere with instructors sharing their strategies."
Director's Note

Beginning this June, we’ll launch a new Innovative Teaching Program. The focus of the program is to introduce the iPad3 into the curriculum, as both a teaching and learning tool. The CIT has been following trends using the iPad in education beginning with our iPad Study during the summer of 2010. In addition to the Innovative Teaching Program, we are introducing a DonsApps Certificate for individuals interested in mastering USF’s brand of GoogleApps (eMail, Calendar, Docs, Sites, and Forms). This is a great professional development opportunity offered through the CIT Technology Certificate Program. Lastly, we’ll offer our annual Technology Intensive program this June, which will focus on contemporary trends with technology and following an extended hands-on format to stimulate creative ideas and solutions. Come join us!

- John Bansavich


Flipboard AppCompatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPhone Touch, FlipBoard was named one of TIME's Top 50 innovations. It is a social magazine capable of personalizing content in an attractive page layout. It connects with your social networks such as Facebook and Twitter and displays feeds, photos, messages, and anything your friends want to share. In addition, you can also handpick from Flipboard's own collections from the web. Use your fingers to swipe through the pages just like flipping through a book! Display languages in English, French, Chinese.

Online Training with
Using, university members can now improve their technology skills by accessing the hundreds of high-quality tutorials, including Microsoft Office, Adobe, Blackboard, SPSS, and many more. This service is accessible through USFconnect, under the Learning Technologies tab. Questions? Email us. [IMPORTANT: Do not attempt to login directly through the website. This service is accessible only through single-sign-on in USFconnect.]

Training Calendar and register online. Our training calendar is updated quarterly. Group training and individual training are available.