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e-Forms/Perfect Forms

e-Forms are electronic or web-based forms. While there are many different strategies for creating electronic or web-based forms, below are the three core types of services for form development used at USF. If the solutions below do not seem applicable to your needs, you can always request guidance through the ITS Help Desk or the Center for Instruction and Technology.


A majority of basic web-based forms can be developed and deployed with the web content management system, Ektron. This is best used to create contact forms, feedback forms, event RSVPs and workshop sign-ups. Contact Web Communications and Services at for more information.


PerfectForms is a hosted solution that allows for the creation of web-based electronic forms that allow workflow processes to move the form from one stage to another, such as through a defined approval process. Development access to PerfectForms requires a license and expectation is that primary development and ownership is managed at a department or division level unless a specific project request is submitted/approved for development by the USF Project Management Office. Access to the USF PerfectForms environment is managed through ITS. Licenses are not required for general users to access, submit, or approve forms.

To request a demo or to receive information about using PerfectForms in your division or department, please contact

Custom Forms

Some forms may require functionality that is above and beyond the capabilities provided by Ektron and PerfectForms. If such a custom form is needed, a project request must be submitted for review by the USF Project Management Office. This type of a custom form is treated as a custom software solution and may require outside consulting and budget resources.