The University of San Francisco: Information Technology Services
Info Management

Administrative Systems (Banner)

Banner is the University's Administrative System Suite, the primary information system used to conduct the business of the University. The core system suite is made up of the Advancement, Finance, Financial Aid, Human Resources, and Student modules, and features additional functionality in document management, job scheduling, reporting, and workflow.

Banner Advancement

The Banner Advancement module is used by University Advancement for all transactions related to giving to the University. Communications with donors and processing of gifts are just two of the many functions managed within the Banner Advancement environment. Through self-service, Advancement Officers who may be traveling can access information to aid in their fundraising efforts.

Banner Finance

The Banner Finance module is used to track and manage all financial transactions, using an account string referred to as the FOAPAL, regardless of where the transaction initiates. Tuition, gifts, expenses, accounts payable, and receivable are all tracked here. The Finance module also ties in directly with the Accounts Receivable portion of Banner, which is shared between Finance and Student Accounts. Self-Service Finance users are able to take advantage of functionality for departmental budget information and reporting.

Banner Financial Aid

The Banner Financial Aid module allows our Financial Aid team to plan, allocate, and disburse University Financial Aid dollars to our students. Self-service features allow students, new and returning, to view and accept their awards online.

Banner Human Resources

The Banner Human Resources module is used to manage all employee data, process payroll, and track benefits. Human Resources will be able to ensure we meet state, federal, and audit requirements while also ensuring we meet the needs of our employees. Some of the self-service features include the ability for employees to submit their time and leave online via the E-Timesheets system, check their pay stubs, view the leave balances, and check their benefits.

Banner Student

The Banner Student module is responsible for all student, faculty, and course data management. Unlike the other Banner modules, which mostly have fairly contained user populations, Banner Student is utilized all over campus by colleges administrators, program assistants, and business areas to help track and record a student's progress, manage enrollments, build the class schedules and make faculty assignments, manage the admissions process, and much more. Some of the features of the self-service environment include the ability for students to register and add and drop classes, view their holds, perform unofficial degree evaluations and access unofficial transcripts.  In addition, faculty and advisors can use self-service to aid in advising students in their progression to graduation.