The University of San Francisco: Information Technology Services
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Student Accounts

Student USF Connect accounts, including access to email, are created automatically at the time of admission and login information is sent via USPS and personal email. Access to auxiliary services, including Blackboard and the USF network, is added upon receipt of an admission deposit or space reservation form.

Student accounts become alumni accounts upon graduation.

Account Associated Services
USF Connect Learning Management System (Canvas)
  Email (DonApps Mail)
  File Sharing (DonsApps Drive)
  Personal Calendar (DonsApps Calendar)
  Personal Website (DonsApps Sites)
  Self Service
  USF Wiki
LAN USF Wireless, Desktop Computing

  • If you do not know your password and did not have a staff or faculty role at USF, you may reset your password by clicking on the 'Need your password?' link on the USF Connect login page and using the password reset tool.
  • If you have any problems accessing your accounts, please contact the Help Desk.

Upon Graduation

After graduation, students transition to Alumni status. Students retain access to their Dons Apps email account and limited web portal services if they don't have any other roles at the University. If you need assistance transitioning your account after graduation, please contact the Help Desk.

1098t Tax Information

Graduates may use their Alumni role to access 1098-T information at any time. Former students who have withdrawn without graduating retain access to their 1098-T tax information for one full year following the year in which they withdrew from the university. For instance, a student withdrawing in 2011 would retain access through calendar year 2012.