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Network Access Control (NAC)

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USF uses a Network Access Control system to periodically check that minimum protection standards are met on machines operating in the residence halls (ResHalls) to prevent them from spreading viruses across our network and infecting additional computers. The scan application installed on client machines is called the 'Network Access Control (NAC) Agent.'

Updated NAC documentation is below:

Wireless Access

Mobile Devices and Video Game Consoles

  • If you register your mobile devices with the ITS Help Desk you won't have to log into NAC each time you use them with our wireless network. You can do this in person by bringing them to the Help Desk. But if you want to avoid a trip and waiting in line, you can submit a request online as long as you can attach a screen shot of the device's wireless address. Check out the online form for more details.
  • To connect your video game console to our wireless network, you will first need to register your unit with ITS Help Desk. You either need to bring your unit to the Help Desk¬†or submit a request online if you can attach a screen shot of the unit's wireless address. Check out the form for more details. Once registered you will (in most cases) not need to re-register if you're living on campus in future years.
  • If you own more than one video game console, each console needs to be registered (i.e. XBOX 360, Wii, PS3, etc). Please ensure you bring your full console and connection cables including:
    • Console
    • Power adapter
    • One controller
    • Video connection cable: Generally RGB and/or HDMI (Bring the video cord you use when connecting to your TV; if you're not sure bring both