The University of San Francisco: Information Technology Services
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Staff Accounts

When a staff member is given an active assignment in Banner HR, they have access to the following accounts and services. Please click on the link for the individual account or service to learn more about it.

Accounts created automatically for all Staff

Account Associated Services
USF Connect Learning Management System (Canvas)
  Email (DonsApps Mail)
  File Sharing (DonsApps Drive)
  Personal Calendar (DonsApps Calendar)
  Personal Website (DonsApps Sites)
  Self Service
  USF Wiki
LAN USF Wireless, Desktop Computing
Voicemail Telephones
MozyPro (Required for Laptops only) Desktop Security

Accounts created upon request

Account Associated Services
Jade Fileserver LAN File Sharing
Banner (INB) Admin Systems (Banner)
Xtender Document Management
Telephone Usage Reports Telephones
USF Web Server Website Hosting


When a staff member no longer has an active assignment in Banner HR, they lose access to most services unless they have another role at the University, such as Student or Alumni. Access to USFconnect with limited services is granted for 18 months to allow viewing of payroll records. Special access may be granted to retired employees upon request. Please contact Human Resources for more information.

Finance Role

The finance role provides an additional Finance tab within USF Connect. If you need access to this role, please contact Business & Finance.


Librarians who have not taught a course within the past 18 months have access privileges equivalent to staff.