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Campus-Wide SPSS

ITS is pleased to announce a campus-wide license agreement for SPSS in response to feedback in the 2011 ITS survey. Below is information to answer questions and assist in the transition to this new licensing method. Check back later for more information as we add to the page.

Please Note

If you plan to use SPSS when you are not connected to the USF faculty/staff network, you must check out a "Commuter License." For more information and instructions, please see the knowledge base article What is an SPSS Commuter License?

General Information

What is SPSS?

SPSS, originally called Statistical Package for the Social Sciences, is an application used for a variety of statistical analysis and data mining purposes. The base software includes descriptive statistics, bivariate statistics, prediction for numeric outcomes, and prediction for identifying groups. Add-on modules provide additional functionality. It is one of the most widely used applications for statistical analysis in the social sciences and is used by multiple departments at USF.

About the campus-wide license

ITS switched to a campus-wide license in response to feedback from the university community in our annual survey to make the application more widely available at less cost. The existing individual license process was cumbersome and required departments to renew licenses at the end of each calendar year, regardless of the point during the year at which they were purchased. Now ITS will maintain the cost instead of individual departments and the application will be available to all faculty and staff on university-owned computers. Students will be able to access the application on all lab computers. Students, faculty, and staff may purchase the application for their personal computers at a discount from the USF eStore.

The campus-wide license includes the Statistics, Regression, Advanced Statistics, and Statistics Base modules.

How do I get campus-wide SPSS?
  • USF-owned computers - The application was installed automatically beginning January 3, 2012
  • Personal computers - You may purchase SPSS at a discount from the USF eStore
  • Additional Modules - Purchase additional SPSS modules from the USF eStore
Do I have to be connected to the USF network to use campus-wide SPSS?

Normally, yes, but please see the exception below.

What do I do if I need to use campus-wide SPSS when not connected to the USF network?

Prior to using SPSS while disconnected from the USF faculty/staff network, you need to checkout a "Commuter License." For more information and instructions, please see the knowledge base article What is an SPSS Commuter License?

When will campus-wide SPSS be available?

Automatic installation to USF-owned computers began January 3, 2012.

What if I already have SPSS?

You can leave your existing standalone copy in place, or contact the ITS Help Desk to place a service request to have campus-wide SPSS installed instead. If you already have a single copy of SPSS you will not receive an automatic installation of campus-wide SPSS.

What if I need campus-wide SPSS prior to the automatic installation?

Please contact the ITS Help Desk to place a service request.

How do I learn how to use SPSS?

The Center for Instruction & Technology provides unlimited 24/7 access to the online training library which includes a five-hour SPSS Statistics Essential Training course which you can complete at your own pace.

To access, login to USF Connect, click on the Learning Technologies tab, and then click on the graphic on the left side. Type SPSS in the 'What would you like to learn?' search box to locate the course.