The University of San Francisco: Information Technology Services
Desktop Computing

Check your RAM, Processor, and Disk Space


RAM and Processor

  • Right Click on 'My Computer' on the Desktop
  • Select Properties
  • Properties

  • The System Properties window displays your processor, speed, and installed RAM
  • System Properties

Disk Space

  • Double Click on 'My Computer'
  • The My Computer window displays Total Size and Free Space
  • PC Space


RAM and Processor

  • Select 'About this Mac' from the Apple Menu
  • About Mac

  • The About this Mac screen displays the your processor, speed, and installed RAM
  • Mac Properties

Disk Space

  • Select Macintosh HD icon (Substitute drive name if you have renamed your hard drive)
  • Select File->Get Info or Press Cmd-I
  • Macintosh HD Info window displays drive Capacity, Available, and Used space
  • Mac Info