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Desktop Computing

Data Backup on University-Owned Computers

USF provides a web-based file backup service for university-owned computers using MozyPro. Specified files are backed up over the Internet transparently while you work or when your computer is idle. You can restore single files, file folders, or specific versions of any one file in the event of computer damage or loss. Mozy can even recover files up to 30 days after accidental deletion.

Mozy is currently required for all university Windows laptops. University-owned desktop computers should use the file backup service whenever mission-critical data needs to be protected and preserved. Performing regular, automated backups is a critical part of protecting university data and providing continuity in the event of loss, damage or accidental deletion.

If you don't currently have Mozy installed on your university-owned Windows computer, please contact the ITS Help Desk at 415-422-6668 or You may also create a Service Request online using USF Support at or from the USF Support icon in USF Connect.

Update your MozyPro version (manual download)

If you'd like to download and update your MozyPro version manually (either Mac or PC), link to Mozy's website and download the current version here. Once downloaded, see applicable installation instructions below for support:

PC instructions 
MAC instructions

Backing up personal computers

Students, faculty and staff may take advantage of a discount ITS has negotiated for MozyHome to allow you to backup 2GB for free and unlimited backup for as little as $4 per month. Click on the MozyHome link for more information.

Restoring files

Mozy provides excellent instructions for restoring files from your backups. Please see our knowledge base article How to: Restore files with MozyPro, which has links to documentation for the Windows and Mac versions of both MozyPro and MozyHome.

About Mozy

Chances are you have a lot of important files on your computer like financial documents, email, digital photos, music, and more. Unfortunately, computers are vulnerable to hard drive crashes, virus attacks, theft, and natural disasters, which can erase everything in an instant. Current statistics show that one in every 10 hard drives fails each year. The cost of recovering a failed hard drive can exceed $7,500, and success is never guaranteed. Mozy is a simple and safe way to back up all the important files on your computer. A copy of your data is encrypted and stored in a secure remote location for safekeeping, so that in the event of disaster your data is still retrievable from anywhere. Mozy backs up only data that has not already been backed up, only backs up the parts of a file that have changed, and is able to back up open and locked files. To learn more about Mozy, visit