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USF Wiki

USF Wiki is a collaborative resource for learning, working and sharing with others, provided by Wikispaces. To use the USF Wiki site and create a new "space" you must be a member of the USF community and login via USF Connect.

Training is provided by the Center for Instruction & Technology.

What are wikis?

Wikis are often used to create collaborative, editable web pages. The collaborative encyclopedia Wikipedia is one of the best-known wikis. Multiple people can edit your pages, and each change is recorded so you can collaborate with your students, colleagues or team. Your wiki saves every version of each page so that if a mistake is made, you can just revert back to a previous version. (Source:

"Wiki" is originally a Hawaiian word for "fast" or "quick" and wikis are thought to be a fast or quick way to build a place to communicate and collaborate.