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File Sharing

All USF students, faculty, and staff may create, store, and share files using DonsApps Drive, USF's branding of Google Drive. Drive has document, spreadsheet, presentation, and drawing modules. The Docs application is reachable by clicking 'Drive' while you are on the the DonsApps Mail screen or by clicking the 'Drive' link on the DonsApps menu inĀ USF Connect.

With DonsApps Drive you can create native Google Docs, or upload files created in other applications, such as Microsoft Office. Once created or uploaded, you can share them with other DonsApps users or people outside USF.

For information on sharing files, please see the following knowledge base article:

Jade LAN-Based File Storage for Faculty and Staff

In addition to DonsApps Docs, ITS provides Local Area Network (LAN)-based file sharing resources for faculty and staff on the Jade file server. Folders may be created for individual faculty or faculty groups on request. Please contact the Help Desk to request an account.

Schools such as Arts & Sciences also maintain their own file servers that are not administered by ITS. For information on these options, please contact your program assistant.