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ITS Strategic Plan

The 2011-2013 Strategic Plan for Information Technology Services is published below. I would like to thank all of the students, staff, and faculty who have provided input into this document. Special thanks to the University Leadership Team, the University Information Technology Committee, the Board of Trustees Committee on Information Technology Strategy, and all ITS staff members.

The plan builds upon USF’s outstanding technical infrastructure, including plans for many new strategic services, including enhanced mobile services, new learning technologies, upgraded classrooms, an upgraded data network, and advanced business intelligence capabilities. ITS will also be collaborating closely with the colleges and service units to implement new online course and program offerings. All of these plans will include a new emphasis on environmentally friendly computing platforms. We will deploy pragmatic and cost effective operating solutions while also implementing innovative services focused on superior learning, teaching, and administrative information services.

I hope you take a moment to read the below plan. Please feel free to provide feedback to .

Way Leon
Associate Vice President of Application Services

2011-2013 ITS Strategic Plan