If you are interested in coming to USF as a visiting scholar to teach or conduct research, please contact the appropriate academic department first. You will need the support of the USF department to sponsor your visa status. Once a department has agreed to sponsor you, you will begin the process for getting your paperwork to apply for your visa status.

J-1 Scholars can come to the United States in different categories depending on the reason for their visit. What you will do while at USF will determine the terms of the program and the visa category.

Jean Pierre Ndagijimana

I coordinate student leadership programs within University Ministry, oversee the planning and implementation of Arrupe Immersion trips, and facilitate the Peace and Justice Community of Reflection with social justice volunteers. I also engage in scholarly activities and speaking engagements within the USF community to promote local-to-global understanding of human rights issues. My particular focus is on faculty, staff, and student capacity-building around equity, multiculturalism, and social science decolonial interventions. Being a scholar at USF helped me recognize that engaging my heart in the academic experience will help lead to the social changes I desire."

—Jean Pierre Ndagijimana, research associate and resident minister,  University Ministry

Please note: It is not possible for ISSS to start this process before the department has officially agreed to be the visa sponsor.

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