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Senior Computer Operator

  1. Job Responsibilities:
    1. To assist and perform as backup for System Manager in ensuring the smooth, reliable, and efficient operation of the Alpha/VAX system, and to continually monitor system performance and status during operation hours and after normal house in the case of an emergency.
    2. To support System Manager in installing, configuring, debugging, and installing/ maintaining hardware and software products on the Alpha/VAX system, as well as providing prompt and timely repairs as needed for the Alpha/ VAX system and all associated peripheral devices including network printers during operation hours and after normal house in case of an emergency.
    3. To assist System Manager in providing timely and proper support to users of the Alpha/VAX system hardware and software, including assisting users to resolve email and access problems, managing and modifying the characteristics of system queues, editing com files as needed to remedy interruptions to the production shift, analyzing system error conditions as needed.
    4. To assume full responsibility in independently establishing detailed schedules that lead to maximum utilization of all equipment, and communicate with Computer Operations Manager should problems arise.
    5. To assume backup position as Campus ID Card System Administrator in Computer Operations during operation hours and after normal house in the case of an emergency.
    6. To assist Computer Operations Manager in completing the following daily tasks and assumes backup position as Day/Swing Computer Operator with duties outlined below:
      • Process computer- production or maintenance tasks according to assigned schedules and in accordance with verbal or run-book instructions (equivalent to USF's Operator's Manuel)
      • Monitor processing-load on all computers in order to ensure sufficient use of all resources
      • Respond to program on-screen messages and system control panel signals to monitor submitted computer programs
      • May be asked to operate or monitor peripheral equipment used to support educational administrative processes, e.g. CD-ROM, Campus One card system, etc.
      • Maintain accurate records of computer performance and that on-line screens are active
      • Perform scheduling duties as directed by Senior Computer Operator and/or Computer Operations Manager to ensure smooth and complete shift turnover, and communicate with Computer Operations Manager should difficulties arise
      • Maintain records/ logs pertinent to the creation or use of tapes, disk, printers, special forms finishing equipment and equipment repair
      • As time permits, improve personal knowledge of operations procedures
      • Keep the computer room and other related ancillary areas clean, and maintain security at all times
      • Deliver and setup or pickup CRT's, printers, and related peripheral equipment at various locations throughout the University
      • Transfer paper/form/printouts/tapes from/to the computer center's storage area and various offices throughout the University's campus
      • Perform various administrative tasks as assigned by supervising personnel, e.g. answering phones, making copies, sending faxes, performing inventories, etc.
      • Related duties as required.
  2. Education:

    High School Diploma a must, college or vocational training in Computer Programming and/or Computer Operations preferred but not mandatory.

  3. Experience:

    Five years or more as operator of a Alpha/ VAX VMS computer environment preferred (PC experience is not a suitable substitute).

  4. Necessary Skills:
    • Must have a highly service-oriented attitude
    • Must be able to work after normal hours to service and maintain the Alpha/VAX system or Campus ID card system
    • Must be able to work rotating shifts and serve as backup for junior Computer Operators, Alpha/VAX System Manager, and Computer Operations Manager
    • Must have good oral, written communication skills and clear handwriting
    • Capable of working under pressure
    • Capability of working independently and ability to work other shifts in emergency situations
    • Ability to lift 50lbs.