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Human Resources - Room 339, Lone Mountain Main
Human Resources - Room 339, Lone Mountain Main
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Wednesday, April 22

Office Assistant V

The Office Assistant series includes positions that are responsible for the completion of detailed tasks and processes.


In addition to the duties associated with the Office Assistant I - IV, the Office Assistant V performs a variety of clerical and administrative duties ranging from routine to moderately complex. Information is gathered from readily available sources and routine reports are compiled and prepared.

Minimum Hire-in Rate

Minimum After Probationary Rate



Scope & Effect:

The Office Assistant V work involves more than one function or activity. In limited subject areas, judgment is required to determine the appropriate guidelines or policies to use for specific cases or problems.


The Office Assistant V works with individuals or groups from outside the department. The Office Assistant V may identify and locate the appropriate person to contact. The purpose and extent of each contact is different and the Office Assistant V identifies and locates the appropriate person to contact.

Supervisory Control:

The Office Assistant V works under direct supervision. Assignments are given in terms of subject area with specific objectives, deadlines and possible problems identified. Guidelines may include university, departmental policies and procedures, as well as relevant rules and regulations. Completed work is reviewed for accuracy, appropriateness and conformance to established policy. The Office Assistant V may assign and check the work of student assistants.

Knowledge and Skills:

The Office Assistant V serves as a reference on a procedure or policy. In addition, the Office Assistant V may advise other staff of appropriate procedures to use for the particular area he/she serves as a reference for. The Office Assistant V is responsible for coordinating different procedures, each may involve numerous steps, and for follow-up on several different record keeping functions.


Post high school education preferred. Training or experience equivalent to three years of increasingly responsible work experience or related education. Ability to analyze needs and implement appropriate office procedures. Familiarity with applicable USF policies and procedures or ability to learn and interpret them. Experience working with computer database systems, word processing and spreadsheet software. Must be customer service and team oriented.

Work Environment:

The work environment involves everyday risks or discomforts which require normal safety precautions typical of such places as offices, meeting and training rooms, libraries, and residences or university vehicles. Examples of these include, but are not limited to, the use of safe work practices with office equipment, avoidance of trips and falls, and observance of fire regulations and traffic signals, etc.