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Library Assistant V

1. Definitions

This is the fifth level in the series.  Incumbents in both public and technical services perform the responsibilities of Library Assistant I through IV in the series, as well as the following responsibilities of Library Assistant V.  Incumbents in Library Assistant Level V, under the general direction of a Librarian, coordinate and implement activities in the operation of a complex library unit and/or perform highly complex duties of a paraprofessional nature in a functional or highly specialized subject area. The Library Assistant V coordinates, plans, organizes and/or oversees functional operations of a library department(s), unit or highly complex projects, coordinating services as well as supervising library staff.

Minimum Hire-in Rate

Minimum After Probationary Rate



This classification has greater scope of responsibility than does Library Assistant IV in coordinating operations, serving as lead person on projects, and/or performing complex specialized duties. These responsibilities require frequent independent application of paraprofessional knowledge of library practices and procedures and a highly advanced level of competency in the functional unit or specialized subject area.  Work assignments require a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the library, its collection, classification scheme, catalog and computer systems as this knowledge relates to the functional unit or specialized subject area.  Work assignments also require a broad knowledge and understanding of how the activities of each of the various library units fit into the overall mission of the library and how the activities of other library units coordinate particularly with the Library Assistant V's unit or subject area.

The Library Assistant V acts independently in the incumbent's area of responsibility, and, as appropriate can implement [or recommend implementation of] changes in policy, procedures or services.  The incumbent provides paraprofessional level of support and assistance to librarians, supervisors and/or administrators in formulating, developing and modifying library policies and procedures. The incumbent participates in the development and implementation of future library objectives; for example, is involved in the implementation and improvement of computer systems or other systems.  The LAV makes recommendations to administration regarding the allocation of space, personnel and budget and may implement decisions relating to space, personnel and budget, as appropriate. Superior organizational, supervisory, leadership and communication skills are required.  The Library Assistant V must possess the ability to react to change flexibly, take initiative to solve problems and perform work practices and tasks using independent judgment.  When guidelines are absent or problems are without precedent, the Library Assistant V is required to use initiative and judgment.

The Library Assistant V may act as a liaison between librarians and/or supervisors and other Library Assistants to solve problems, adjust priorities, and make necessary changes in duties and methods within the sphere of incumbent's scope of responsibility.  The Library Assistant V anticipates potential problems and staff needs, and communicates issues and recommendations to librarians and/or supervisors for resolution and/or implementation.

The Library Assistant V may participate in development of the library budget for incumbent's sphere of responsibility; monitor expenditures of unit or departmental funds, and make unit or departmental deposits.  The Library Assistant V may represent the library, making presentations to user groups as appropriate within incumbent's sphere of responsibility.

The Library Assistant V may hire, supervise, train and direct a large number of student assistants and may participate in the hiring process and may train and direct the work of junior level Library Assistants.

2. Knowledge & Abilities

In addition to the knowledge and abilities of the Library Assistant levels I-IV, the Library Assistant V should also possess: Comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the fundamentals and practices of library services and activities as they relate to incumbent's sphere of responsibility.

Broad understanding of the activities, computer applications, policies and procedures of the entire library both in terms of functional operations as well as how the activities of each of the various units fit into the overall mission of the library, the institution and the university.

Ability to oversee and coordinate many complex tasks and functions.  Act independently on complex tasks, take initiative and exercise judgment. Recommend and/or implement (as appropriate) policy, procedural and operational changes and also communicates and documents changes in policies, procedures and processes.  Oversee, delegate to, communicate with, motivate, and evaluate the work of others.  Formulate goals and implement them, utilize scarce resources with good judgment, react flexibly and keep in constant communication with librarians and/or supervisors. 

Analyze, evaluate, assess and solve problems and improve services, policies and procedures.  Use effective interpersonal, communication and teambuilding skills. Ability to work accurately with attention to detail: use discretion in applying rules, regulations, procedures; communicate effectively both in writing and verbally; work cooperatively with others.  Ability to use a variety of office equipment, including a computer and various software applications.

3. Education & Experience

In addition to the qualifications required for the Library Assistant IV, the Library Assistant V must have a comprehensive working knowledge of academic library operations in the specialized area employed and the ability to apply that knowledge to the operating needs of the unit.  Work at this level requires demonstrated experience using judgment and initiative to analyze and implement new procedures and policies in consultation with librarians and/or supervisors. 

The knowledge and skills required are typically gained through the equivalent of five years experience in a number of library operations and four years of higher education (120 units), or equivalent.