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Dignity Medical Group (DHMG) Health Services

DHMG physicians, specializing in caring for patients 18 years and older, deliver comprehensive preventative care and adult care services to support both men’s and women’s health. Skilled in caring for persons with the most minor conditions to those living with multiple chronic conditions, DHMG doctors diagnose, manage and treat most adult diseases. DHMG at Saint Francis/St. Mary’s doctors provide care in a wide range of areas, including:

  • Diagnosing, treating, evaluating and managing episodic short-term acute illness and stable chronic illness and disease
  • Providing care for injury from minor accidents
  • Providing immunization and preventive vaccines to students
  • Obtaining medical histories and conducting physical examinations, including annual physicals and GYN physicals
  • Prescribing pharmacologic treatments and therapies for acute and chronic illness.
  • Prescribing short-term pharmacologic treatments for mental illnesses, as determined by the primary care Physician to be within his/her scope of practice.
  • Performing minor procedures, including sutures, wound care, and dermatology procedures.
  • Sexual health services – sexually transmitted infection testing, women services(Pap smear, breast examination, Pre-conception counseling, vaginal infections)
  • Travel medicine – provide students travelling abroad with country-specific information regarding necessary vaccinations and prescriptions medication.

Feedback and Concerns

If you have any concerns about clinic services (i.e., unable to schedule an appointment, your messages are not returned within 24 hr, questions about your bills, etc.), please contact Kamal Harb at