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Being Sick

What do I do if I don’t feel well?  Download a PDF version.

If you start feeling sick, you should slow down and focus on taking care of yourself. Being sick while you are away at college is different than being sick back at home.   In college, you have many responsibilities and obligations that need to be addressed while you are not feeling well.   If you live on-campus, there are a number of resources to support you while you get back on your feet.  

Tips To Get You Feeling Better!

  • Get plenty of rest.  By resting, you give your immune system a fighting chance.
  • Sleep more. Try to be in bed a little earlier than normal.  Taking naps during the day is also a way of getting more sleep.
  • Eat healthy and drink lots of water.  Adding more fruits and juices to your diet will provide you with the needed vitamins and minerals to help you get over whatever it is ailing you faster.
  • Ask your friend or your roommate to get you a box lunch from Bon Appetit if you have the meal service plan.
  • Visit the USF Student Health Clinic.  SHC is open during business hours and located at St. Mary’s Medical Center on the Second Floor.  Call 415.750.4980 to schedule your same day appointment. Make sure you take your student ID card and health insurance card with you.
  • Contact your professor.  If you think you have to miss a class, email your professors to give them a heads-up.
  • Contact your academic advisor if you are missing too many classes and your academics are suffering.
  • Contact your classmates/friends to get their class notes so you can stay up to date on your studies.
  • Check in with your RA or RD and let them know that you are not feeling well.     
  • Be a good citizen.  If you are sick it is important to try not to spread your illness and be considerate of the people on your floor.  To prevent germs from spreading:
    • Stay in your room
    • Wash your hands frequently
    • Don’t share cups, towels, or any personal items
    • Cough or sneeze in the crook of your elbow
  • Wash your sheets, pillowcases, blankets, and bath towels because when you're sick, those germs get caught in fabrics. Continuing to put your face on those germ-infested fabrics will keep you sick longer!

Resources During Business Hours.

USF Student Health Services

St. Mary's Office
2250 Hayes Street, 3rd Floor.
Appointments: (415) 750-5995        

Saint Francis Office at the Ballpark
24 Willie Mays Plaza.
Appointments: (415) 972-2249

Health Promotion Services
UC, Fifth Floor, (415) 422-5797
Health promotion staff can assist you in finding a doctor, health insurance questions, and your general well being.

Center for Academic and Student Achievement (CASA)

UC, 3rd Floor, (415) 422-5050
CASA academic advisers can connect you to academic programs and personal resources on campus designed to support, promote, and encourage your success.

Advice Nurse Hotlines:

People with hearing loss can use to call and speak with an advice nurse using their computer.

Most health insurance plans provide a free advice nurse hotline.  Check your insurance card for your toll free number.  Here is a short list:

Aetna: (800) 556-1555     TDD: (800) 270-2386

Anthem Blue Cross: (800) 224-0336   TDD: (800) 877-8044

Kaiser Permanente: (415) 833-2200    TDD: (650) 742-2253

Blue Shield: (877) 304-0504      TDD: (800) 794-1099

Health Net: (800) 675-6110    TDD: (800) 995-0852

United Healthcare 1-800-237-4936

Cigna/Great West: (800) 564-9286