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Did you know that there are only two areas where you can smoke on campus?Learn more »

Stop Smoking Services

If you are interested in kicking the Habit! Check out the following stop smoking resources:

HPS Stop Smoking Services:
HPS offers free stop smoking individual counseling sessions and free nicotine replacement aid: nicotine gum or lozenges. Attending regular stop smoking sessions is a prerequisite for receiving the free nicotine aid.

You can also schedule your appointment online with a Health Promotion Services staff. Please contact HPS at 415.422.5797 or for more information.

Community Smoking Cessation Services

Aetna Quit Tobacco Program:
The new USF Sponsored Health Insurance administrated by Aetna provides a six week of nicotine replacement therapy patches, lozenges, or gum free of charge. Student will also get coaching sessions as well as $35 reward voucher when the student successfully completes the program.

Anthem Blue Cross of California Quit Tobacco Program
The Last Cigarette (TLC) is a tobacco cessation program that offers tools and resources to assist you with quitting smoking. Call TLC at 866-634-3435 for a Quit Kit.

Kaiser Permanente Quit Tobacco Program
if you have Kaiser for your health insurance, please download program details!

Prescription Medication to Stop Smoking:

There are prescription medications which may assist you in quitting smoking. Please consult with your health care provider to get a prescription, and discuss any possible side effects of the medications. If you decide to get a prescription medication but you cannot afford it, please contact Kamal Harb,, about pharmaceutical patient assistance programs.