MSB Frequently Asked Questions

What is the website for MyStudentBody?

What is my student school code for MyStudentBody?
The student school code will be available July 15, 2009 on this site.
You must use the school code to get credit for the course.

What is my USF Student ID?
To find your USF Student ID please go to the USF Connect Page at . On the left hand corner, you will see a green box. Simply click on the 4th link in the box that says "Don't Know Your USF ID?" This will bring you to another page. Click on the 2nd link that says "Login to get your USF ID". Enter your USF connect user name and password to receive your student ID.

What is the parent school code for MyStudentBody?
The parent code will be available July 15, 2009 on this site.

Are my parents required to take MyStudentBody as well?
Parents are not required to take the online course but are encouraged to do so to experience the program.

What is the deadline date for MyStudentBody?
You must complete the online alcohol course by August 22nd. 60 days after completing the course students will receive an email reminder to complete the Rate Myself Follow-Up. The Rate Myself Follow-Up is due by October 23rd. Students must wait 60 days between taking the alcohol course and the Rate Myself Follow-Up survey.

What should I do if I have technical difficulties?
Review the technical FAQs on MyStudentBody's website by visiting
Or, email with questions.

I am a transfer student, which course should I take?
Transfer students should take the "general" course.

If I am 21 years old or older, do I still have to take MyStudentBody?
Yes. MyStudentBody is mandatory for all incoming freshman and transfer students regardless of age.

I don't drink. Why do I have to take MyStudentBody?
Although you may not drink, you may be affected by another member of the community who does drink. Also, you may be in a position to help someone who is experiencing alcohol poisoning or problems with drinking.

What if I have already taken this course at another university?
In order to waive the course you will need to submit official proof of completion. Please contact Health Promotion Services at or (415) 422-5797

Additional questions?
Please contact USF Health Promotion Services at (415) 422-5797 or