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Martín-Baró Scholars Community members are all first-year students, and live together in Gillson Hall.
Martin Baro Community
Martin Baro Katie at RH
Martin Baro RH Garden
Martin Baro at Card
Martin Baro at FF
Matin Baro gardening

Student Testimonials

"The best and worst thing about the Martín-Baró Scholars Community is that you can't escape learning. Conversations continue after the classroom empties and the exploration of ideas never ceases." Megan P.

"The highlight of the Martín-Baró Scholars Community is when we go into the city on field excursions. Not only do we get to see a new part of the city and explore it more, but we also come into contact with people and do things that we never would have done . . . the best way to learn!" Andrea W.

"I learned how to communicate my feelings and most importantly, I got a chance to understand the meaning of friendship and its relation to the community." Alex P.