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Student Housing

Your Safety

What does Public Safety Provide?

  • 24-hour campus patrol by public safety officers on foot and in marked vehicles.
  • A 24-hour dispatch communications center to report accidents, crimes, suspicious persons, hazards, and other emergencies.
  • Direct-dial emergency phones located outside campus buildings and in most parking lots.
  • A safety escort service and campus shuttle that operates seven days a week from 6 p.m. to 1 a.m.

One Card

One Card not only makes student life easier, it helps keep the entire campus community safe. With One Card, you don't need to carry cash as you move around campus. And if you live in one of USF’s dormitories, your One Card will serve as your exclusive key-card to your new home. Doubling as your room key, it will be coded with a personal security PIN to ensure your complete privacy. Every One Card grants different levels of access to different USF card holders, including students, professors, and university staff.