Honors College Curriculum

All students accepted into the Honors College at the University of San Francisco are enrolled in the Honors College Curriculum This is an interdisciplinary 24-unit curriculum designed to complement any undergraduate major at USF and be completed over the course of a student’s four years at the university.

The Honors College Curriculum includes the follow:

    • A required 2-unit Honors College Gateway course that is taken in either the fall or spring semester of a student’s first year.
    • One 4-unit course from each of the following categories: Liberal Arts Foundations, Global Perspectives, and Experiential Engagement.
    • 8-units of Honors College Foundations courses, which include our signature 2-unit Forum classes, our Global JumpStart immersions, and specially designed 4-unit experiential courses.
    • A 2-unit Honors College Capstone course.

Additional information on the Honors College Curriculum can be found in the USF Online Course Catalog.

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Honors College Global JumpStart Program

One of the signature programs available to students who have completed their first year in the Honors College is our Global JumpStart immersion programs. These two-week, faculty-led programs provide students with the opportunity to explore connections between their experiences on campus and in San Francisco, and care for our common global home. More than a traditional-style study abroad, these program offer students the opportunity to listen, learn, and engage with communities around the world. In 2022, provided global travel is permitted, the Global JumpStart options include programs in Costa Rica and Thailand in January, and London, Copenhagen, Budapest, South Korea and New Zealand in summer.

Competitive scholarships may be available to partially fund these programs. More information for the 2022 programs will be provided in fall 2021.