Dena Eslambolchizadeh ’21, College of Arts and Science

Dena Eslambolchizadeh ’21

Meet Dena Eslambolchizadeh, an empowered Parasol Trust Scholarship Recipient, finding her calling in a lab coat.

Why did you choose USF?

I chose USF because of its core values, small class size, diversity, and beautiful campus and location. I really wanted to be able to feel supported by faculty as well as get to know them to optimize my learning before graduate school and I felt that it was possible through small class sizes. I also really liked how USF emphasized the importance of diversity and its mission to build the characters of students by making them not only more educated but more willing to be leaders in the world and lend a helping hand to others. 

Describe your educational experience here at USF?

During my time at USF I was able to explore my interests and ultimately changed my major from Biology to Environmental Science. I really enjoyed all my courses and felt supported by the faculty. Many of my courses were very interactive and gave us a chance to explore the city and the Bay Area. I thought this was really beneficial as it gave us real-life experience. The transition to remote learning was difficult for both professors and students but I believe my final 1.5 years at USF went smoothly during this time because of the effort the professors put into still giving us a quality education. Overall, I really enjoyed the unique experience USF gave me as a student.

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