Aileen Becerra ’21 College of Arts & Sciences

Aileen Becerra ’21

Meet Aileen Becerra, an empowered McGrath Scholar, finding her purpose at a university she calls home.

What have you learned during your time at USF?

I think that USF taught me that a lot of things are about what you love, and what you actually care about. USF teaches you more than actually just how to get a professional career. A lot of people told me that I shouldn't go [to USF] because of my accent, but my professors or classmates never treated me differently. I don't think you need to have it all or be perfect to do great things. I've had many amazing opportunities while at USF. I've been able to study abroad, be part of the McGrath Scholars Program, and be a peer advisor with Health Promotion Services. 

What has USF meant to you?

USF helps all students, in all their different situations. If you don't have the best English, if you don't have the best economic situation, if you have any disability, USF provides a lot of support. I have never felt different from anyone else because of having a scholarship or receiving financial support. I appreciate that 73 percent of students at USF are receiving some sort of financial aid. Even though I'm a first-generation, low-income student, I got support from USF that paid for my tuition in full. 

What are your dreams after graduation?

I have a lot of dreams after graduation. I would really like to stay at USF and pursue a master's degree or go to law school to become an immigration lawyer. I hope that I can find a job, maybe in a nonprofit, and support students as well. One of the legacies that I want to leave is that I want to show that you don't need to be picture-perfect to do great things. I want to prove that you can do as many things as you set for yourself to do.

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