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Muscat Scholars Program

Think of your college career as a book that you are about to begin.

Before you start Chapter One, you read the introduction, or foreword. The Muscat Scholars Program at the University of San Francisco is your introduction to college, the book that you will soon open and begin exploring.

I am really grateful for the opportunity I was given to be in MSP. The Program really provided me with the primary tools needed to succeed in my first semester at USF, and I have made so many great connections because of it. I believe that this program is an amazing opportunity that students should really value and take advantage of! - Alexa '12Overall, the Program has kicked off my college career to a great start. I never imagined that I would already be able to call so many people family before the first day of college even started. I'm glad that it got me ready for college both socially and academically. - Bellina '12The Muscat Scholars Program (MSP) is a transition program for incoming first year students that starts with an intensive, two-week structured program that provides both an academic and social preparation for the rigors of the First Year and beyond at the University of San Francisco. The program provides participants with two units towards graduation as well as an orientation to the University and the City of San Francisco. 

Our application process for Summer 2014 is now closed. Thank you for your interest.

Invitation to Participate: Letter for Students

Invitation to Participate: Letter for Families

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