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Juan G. Berumen

Adjunct Professor

Doctoral candidate in Education Policy Studies at Indiana University with a minor in Anthropology and an emphasis on Critical Pedagogy. As a social justice educator and advocate,Juan specializes in researching best practices, pedagogies, and policies for transforming the P-20 Pipeline for underperforming students. He relies on over 15 year of practical experience working in California communities and schools in Los Angeles, Oakland, and San Francisco as well as in Indiana to guide and inform these research endeavors. He has presented his work at national and international conferences hosted by Columbia University, Harvard University, University of Chicago and the Universidad de Buenos Aires. Currently, Juan is assessing the campus climate at San Francisco State University for the Cesar Chavez Institute while teaching policy analysis at the University of San Francisco. He is also finishing his dissertation, "The Complexities of Practice: Assessing Popular Education at a Zapatista Elementary School", which earned him a 2010 Beechler Dissertation Award at Indiana University.