Counseling Psychology — School Counseling — MFT
Tamba-Kuii M. Bailey

Tamba-Kuii M. Bailey, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Counseling Psychology

Dr. Bailey's professional experiences include clinical work in community mental health and teaching at the graduate level. His research interests are primarily in the areas of Black psychology and multicultural psychology. In Black psychology, his interests are in the sub-areas of racial oppression, internalized racial oppression, and the impact of race on mental health, mental health diagnoses, and physical health. In the area of multicultural psychology, he is interests are in racial microaggressions, multicultural competencies, and social justice in psychology.


Ph.D., Counseling Psychology, Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA

Research Areas

Multicultural psychology; social justice.

Courses Offered
  • Law and Ethics for School Counselors
  • Counseling Across Cultures

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