Eben  Howard

Eben Howard, PhD, MBA, BSN, FNP, RN, FACHE

Assistant Professor; Chair, Population Health Sciences Department; Director, BHS Program

Dr. Eben Howard is Chair of the Population Health Sciences Department, Director of all SONHP Southern California Programs, the Program Director of the Bachelor of Health Services Program, as well as being a full-time Assistant Professor. Dr. Howard serves on the USF SONHP Leadership Council, SONHP Curriculum Committee, and is an active member of the USF Faculty Learning Community (FLC) for 2014–2015 that is focused on “Teaching at USF’s Branch Campuses”.

Dr. Howard started his career as a Burn/Trauma nurse in New York during the early 1990’s. He earned an MBA and then a PhD in Public Health Administration while working full-time as a trauma nurse. He served as a hospital executive in charge of Cardiac & Vascular Surgery for eight hospitals with a service area covering four Midwestern states. Subsequently he worked as a healthcare consultant specializing in healthcare program development, Revenue Cycle process implementation, and benchmarking/implementation of quality measures. Dr. Howard is also a Family Nurse Practitioner and a Fellow with the American College of Healthcare Executives.

Research Areas
  • Financial impact of treatment for preventable diagnoses and how to target intervention points.
  • Financial factors to help identify and prevent child abuse.
  • Dynamics of hospital strategy in response to managed care.
  • Hospital Shopping in Child Abuse: Using large population database analysis, Dr. Howard was the first person to prove that “hospital shopping” in child abuse & neglect exists. Hospital shopping is the theory that perpetrators of child abuse who, due to the severity of abuse, must seek emergency medical attention for the victim. The research proved that in an effort to hide repeated abuse the perpetrator always or often goes to a different hospital when treatment for their victims is necessary.


Post-Doctoral Family Nurse Practitioner Certificate, University of San Francisco
PhD in Public Health Administration, University of South Carolina
MBA, University of Rochester
BSN, Dominican University

Administrative Appointments

Chair, Population Health Sciences Department

Courses Offered
  • Introduction to the Clinical Nurse Leader Role (MSN)
  • Epidemiology and Biostatistics (BHS)
  • Leadership in Healthcare Organizations (BHS)
  • Nursing Informatics (DNP)
  • Financial Resource Management for the Clinical Nurse Leader (MSN)

Samuels, M, Bernado, J, Howard, E, Vasquez, M, Stoskopf, C H, Ryder, R, Ludeke, L, Lopez, L, Kim, Y. (1998, January-June). Perceptions of Health and Safety Conditions for Farmworker Women. Journal of Border Health 3(1), 19-39.