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DeSha' Runnels

Adjunct Professor

Mr. Runnels is a graduate of the University of San Francisco's Sport Management Master's Program. He is the Senior Account Executive for USC Sports Properties with Fox Sports Media Group, a brand new division of Fox Sports. He is responsible for maintaining and growing over $10 million in current sponsorships for USC Athletics, as well as generating an additional $3-5 million in revenue.

Prior to his role at Fox Sports Media Group, he joined the University of Southern California's Athletic Department staff in 2002, during his time in the program. For the next eight years, DeSha' worked his way up through various positions in the athletic department, including Assistant Director of Operations and Game Management and ultimately Assistant Athletic Director in charge of Corporate Sales and Activation. As the Assistant Athletic Director he oversaw more than 70 corporate sponsorship accounts, which represented approximately $10 million in corporate sponsorship revenue.

Through combining his experience, as well as his connections from his time with USC, DeSha' is able to bring an expertise to the new college sports division at Fox that was previously lacking. DeSha' earned a degree in Rhetoric and Communication from the University of California, Davis where he was also a three-year starter for the football team. As a result of his love for sports, he decided to pursue his Master's degree in Sport Management at the University of San Francisco.


M.A., University of San Francisco
B.A., University of California, Davis