Katherine  Thomson

Katherine Thomson

Adjunct Professor

Katherine Thomson teaches a variety of courses at USF, including: Introduction to Sociology, Sociological Theory, Sociological Methods, Social Worlds of Children, Environmental Justice, and Senior Capstone. She also heads many directed studies, especially with students wishing to pursue independent research on topics pertaining to health and medicine.

She is a UCSF graduate with a PhD in Medical Sociology and research interests in minority health, health disparities, and the social construction of biomedical knowledge. Over the past ten years, she has investigated numerous controversies in health and biomedicine, such as: the targeting of gay communities by tobacco companies (2002-2006), feminist activism and contestation of hormone replacement therapies (2004-2007), community based activism on the environmental causes of early puberty and breast cancer (2007-2010), and epidemiological understandings of racial health disparities in the age of genomic medicine (2007-current). She is continuing to interview community-based breast cancer activists within the Bay Area. Her upcoming projects will explore the implementation of "biobanking" practices in large cohorts of medical test subjects, attending to the processes and social/ethical tensions and activism that has arisen due to concerns about the collection and storage of human genetic material. Her work appears in the American Journal of Public Health and BioSocieties.