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Richard Kamler

Emeritus Professor

Richard has received many grants and awards for his work, which has been exhibited nationally and internationally; among them a National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship, a California Arts Council Fellowship, an Alaskan State Arts Council/NEA grant where he spent 9 months on Baranof Island in Alaska doing "landscape installations," a Gunk Foundation for Public Art, the Institute of Noetic Sciences and the Potrero Nuevo Fund. In 1996 Kamler was awarded the prestigious Adeline Kent award from the san Francisco Art Institute and in 1999 a major AQrtist fellowship from George Soros' Open Society institute. Kamler's current project, Seeing Peace: Artists Collaborate with the United Nations, a visionary international initiative, seeks to embed the imagination, through the presence of the artist, at the table of the General Assembly of the United Nations. He was Chair of the Visual Arts Department and also co-directed with Prof. Sharon Siskin the Arts Outreach Program, Artist as Citizen, that seeks to embed student practioners into communities to collaboratively engage in Community-based art.

Research Areas

Art as a catalyst for social change and cultural transformation
Artist as Citizen engaging in community; community-based art
the role of art in prison and victim's communities