Anne  Bartlett

Anne Bartlett

Associate Professor

Anne Bartlett received her Ph.D. from the Sociology Department at the University of Chicago. Bartlett has worked on Darfur related issues for many years. Bartlett's research interests center on identity, inter-ethnic violence and armed movements in Darfur. She also researches humanitarian intervention and its effects in the region. Her book entitled Insurgent Identities: Conflict and the Politics of Difference in Darfur is close to completion and is the result of over ten years of ethnographic research with the armed movements and the general population of Darfur.


Bartlett was the chair of the United Nations hearing on the Darfur crisis, UN commission on Human Rights, 60th Session, Geneva, Switzerland, April 2004. She has also met with former President Thabo Mbeki and the African National Congress in South Africa to discuss progress on the situation in Darfur. Bartlett has published extensively on the Darfur crisis and has given numerous talks on the subject worldwide.


Bartlett is President Elect of the Sudan Studies Association. The 33rd Annual Sudan Studies Association conference will be held at the University of San Francisco, May 23rd, 24th and 25th 2014. Details of the program may be found here: Sudan Studies 2014



Ph.D., University of Chicago



Office Hours: Not teaching Fall 2014