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Xiaohua  Yang

Xiaohua Yang


Professor Xiaohua Yang is garnering recognition in both the international academic community and media (Wenzhou Daily, Sing Tao Daily, and Lihong Radio) for her research on Chinese enterprises in the U.S. and the globalization of Chinese business. She explores, among other key specialties, the relationship between brand recognition and firm performance, internationalization of Chinese firms, R&D strategic alliances, and foreign market entry strategies.

Dr. Yang is frequently invited to speak at international business conferences, forums and symposia - including HYSTA annual conference, Berkeley China Forum, Wenzhou Pareto Public Policy Colloquium, and Harvard Conference: China Goes Global. She brings her extensive academic and professional experience in Australia, Finland, Armenia, China, Taiwan, and the U.S. to her students and truly exemplifies the Jesuit hallmark of a global perspective.

Professor Yang believes there's no better place than USF - a global university comprised of students and faculty from nearly every country, culture and ethnicity in the world - to engage students in a dialogue on the future of cross-cultural business strategy.

Dr. Yang is the Senior Editor of the Journal of Asia Business Studies and Advisory Board Member of Oceanus Academy, and a part of the Silicon Valley Women Alliance.


Ph.D., International Business/Strategic Management, School of Business, University of Kansas
M.S., College of Business Administration, Iowa State University
B.A., Shanghai University of International Studies

Courses Offered
  • The following courses represent the last 3 years of teaching and do not represent the current course offerings.

The following list is a selection of recent publications and does not represent the entire body of research.

"Location Strategy and Firm Value Creation in Chinese Multinationals," Multinational Business Review. Vol. 21 (3), 2013 (with Y. Yang and B. Doyle)

A review of institutional influences on the rise of made-in-China multinationals," International Journal of Emerging Markets. 2014 (with C. D. Stoltenberg)

"Varieties of Asian capitalism: Toward an institutional theory of Asian enterprise," Asia Pacific Journal of Management, Vol. 26 (3), 2009 (with M. Carney and E. Gedajlovic)

"Antecedents of CSR Practices in MNC's Subsidiaries: A Stakeholder and Institutional Perspective," Journal of Business Ethics, Vol. 86, 2009 (with S. Rivers)

"A Comparative Analysis of Internationalization of Chinese and Japanese Firms," Asia Pacific Journal of Management, Vol. 26 (1), 2009 (with Y. Jiang, R. Kang and Y. Ke)

Honors and Awards

Outstanding Research Award, Associate Professor, USF, 2013

Best Paper Award at 6 Harvard conference on China Goes Global, October 8-10, 2012, Cambridge, MA, USA for "Revisit the Institutional Influences on the rise of Made-in-China Multinationals" (co-author with Stoltenberg, C.D.)

Honorary Professor, Center for Business Ethics, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, 2012

Invited Member, Expert Board, the Research Institute for Managing Sustainability (RIMAS) at Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration in Austria (Invited to be a part of the European Union research project team, "The role of multinational companies in addressing global development challenges," 2013 - present

Outstanding Service Award, University of San Francisco School of Management, 2010


Special Issue Co-Editor, Business Ethics Quarterly, 2013 - Present

Special Issue Co-Editor, Asia Pacific Journal of Management, 2007 - 2009

Special Issue Co-Editor, ALTERNATIVE Quarterly Journal of Economics, 2012 - 2013

Editorial Review Board, Asia Pacific Journal of Management

Member, Editorial Review Board, International Journal of Emerging Markets 2013 - present

Xiaohua Yang, University of San Francisco School of Management