Susan J. Penner

Susan J. Penner, RN, MN, MPA, DrPH, CNL

Adjunct Faculty


Dr. Penner teaches courses in financial management and in program planning, management and evaluation for online and traditional nursing and MPH programs.

She has strong interests in community health, health administration and financing, health policy, health education and the design and application of games for health education.

Courses Offered
  • Program planning, management and evaluation
  • Healthcare financial management
  • Grant writing
  • Moble apps development for public health
Penner, Susan J. (2013). Economics and Financial Management for Nurses and Nurse Leaders. New York: Springer
Penner, Susan J. and Spencer, Michael D. (2012). Chapter 4: Acute Care Utilization, Staffing and Financial Indicators. In K.T. Waxman, Financial & Business Management for the Doctor of Nursing Practice. New York: Springer
Penner , S. J. (2004). Introduction to Health Care Economics & Financial Management: Fundamental Concepts with Practical Applications. Philadelphia: Lippincott Williams and Wilkins.
Awards and Distinctions

University of San Francisco Distinguished Adjunct Teaching Award, 2015.

University of San Francisco Faculty Innovation Award, 2013.