Stephanie Wong

Stephanie Wong

Adjunct Professor


Stephanie N. Wong, PhD is an adjunct faculty member in the counseling psychology department. Professor Wong completed her doctoral degree in counseling psychology at New York University. Her areas of professional interest include: 1) providing evidence-based treatment of PTSD and co-occurring disorders; 2) advocating for culturally-responsive adaptation of PTSD and eating disorder assessment and treatment; 3) identifying culturally-congruent coping responses to acculturative stress and trauma; 4) delineating mental health correlates associated with discrimination and stigma in minority communities; and 5) supporting feminist and multicultural approaches to counseling and supervision.


  • Multicultural and Diversity Committee, National VA Psychology Training Council
  • Ad Hoc Reviewer, Psychology of Women Quarterly


  • New York University, PhD in Counseling Psychology, 2019
  • Teachers College, Columbia University, MA/EdM in Counseling Psychology, 2014
  • Cornell University, BA in Psychology and Economics, 2011

Prior Experience

  • Adjunct Professor in Applied Psychology Graduate Program, New York University
  • Adjunct Professor in Applied Psychology Undergraduate Program, New York University

Awards & Distinctions

  • Outstanding Academic Title, American Library Association, 2018
  • Outstanding Clinical Service Award, New York University, 2017

Selected Publications

  • Tu, M., Zhou, S., Wong, S.N., & Okazaki, S. (2018). Realities of the American dream: Vocational experiences of low-income urban Chinese immigrant laborers. Journal of Vocational Behavior.
  • Okazaki, S., Wong, S.N., & Kaplan. B. (2018). Strategic collaborative partnerships to improve immigrant Chinese community health: A case study. Asian American Journal of Psychology, 8(4), 339-350.
  • Wong, S.N., Keum, B.T., Caffarel, D., Srinivasan, R., Morshedian, N., Capodilupo, C., & Brewster, M.E. (2018). Exploring the conceptualization of body image for Asian American women. Asian American Journal of Psychology, 8(4), 296-307.
  • Okazaki, S., Ling, A., Wong, S.N., & Tu, M. (2016). Cross-cultural assessment and research. In S. Kelly (Ed.), Issues in Couple and Family Psychology: Across Socioeconomics, Ethnicities, and Sexualities. New York: Praeger, 423-451.