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Nicholas Ross

Assistant Professor

Full-Time Faculty

101 Howard 525


Nicolas Ross received his PhD from UCLA's Anderson School of Business in 2012. His research interests revolve around how asymmetric information affects decision-making and, professionally, he builds systems that attempt to violate the CAP theorem. Currently, Nick works in the video game industry where he takes the fun out of games.

Dr. Ross has many years of analytical experience all along the accounting spectrum. He is interested in focusing on how asymmetric information effects decision-making. The academic and job experience he has brings a lot to the USF table, especially because most of his industry work has been located right here in San Francisco.

Dr. Ross worked as a litigation consultant at Bates White in Washington DC and San Diego, where he answered all math related requests for lawyers. Prior to joining USF, he spent over four years working in video games at two San Francisco based companies. At TinyCo, an Andreessen-Horowitz backed startup, he led the Analytics and User Acquisition teams and at Sega, he was Director of Analytics.

Other than teaching, Dr. Ross is working on a piece called, Does an Executive’s Ability to Profit from Insider Trading Translate into Superior Form Performance? The time Dr. Ross has spent on his research, education and job proves that he is making a difference and changing our world.

He has developed curriculum for the Master of Data Science program and provided instruction in cost accounting at the undergrad level. His commitment and expertise to USF is greatly appreciated.


Ph.D., Anderson School of Business, University of California, Los Angeles, California, 2012.
M.A., Economics, University of California, Davis, California, 2007
B.A., Applied Mathematics, Honors, University of California, Berkeley, California, 2002.

A Theory of Participative Budgeting (With Mirko Heinle and Richard Saouma) The Accounting Review, May 2014.