Adjunct Professor Marjorie Schwarzer

Marjorie Schwarzer

Adjunct Professor


An award-winning writer, critic, and educator, Marjorie Schwarzer joined the faculty at University of San Francisco in 2012, after serving as professor and chair of the Department of Museum Studies at John F. Kennedy University for over 15 years. She has held leadership positions in museums — including the Boston Children's Museum, Chicago Children's Museum and Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry — since completing her MBA in nonprofit finance and marketing from UC, Berkeley (1983). Schwarzer is author of the highly-acclaimed Riches, Rivals and Radicals: 100 Years of Museums in America, which was adapted for an award-winning public television episode; excerpts have been published in Museum News, ASTC Dimensions and WestMuse. She has published over 50 in-depth articles and reviews about trends in museum leadership, technology, education, exhibitions, and history, and keynoted museum conferences around the nation and in Japan, Germany, and the United Arab Emirates. Schwarzer has served on the boards of the Western Museums Association and AAM's Committee on Museum Professional Training, and has taught museum studies in the United Arab Emirates in addition to Bank Street College in New York City and University of Victoria (Canada). Recent publications include "Rules of the Game," a conversation about curatorial ethics in the United Arab Emirates co-written with Leigh Markopoulos and Aisha Deemas (Reimagining Museums: practice in the Arabian Peninsula, ed. Pamela Erskine-Loftus) and "No Heroes: Re-visiting the Museum Leadership Crisis," (Museums and the Paradox of Change, 3rd edition, ed. Robert Janes). In 2015, she was invited to present her research at Yale University's Center for Middle Eastern Studies. She is currently an advisor to the Foster Youth Museum. Her forthcoming publications include "Museum Studies in the United States: A Pragmatic Approach to Excellence," in The Theory of Museology: Main Schools of Thought 1960-2000,” eds Delia Tzortzaki and Stefanos Keramidas. Papers and Monographs from the Norwegian Institute at Athens/UNESCO publication series.


  • Administrative Director, MA in Museum Studies


  • MBA, University of California, Berkeley
  • BA, Washington University, St. Louis

Awards & Distinctions

  • Harry Morrison Award for Outstanding Teacher of the Year, 2003, John F. Kennedy University

  • Excel National Award for Outstanding Professional Book of the Year, 2006.

  • Platinum Aurora Award (with Great Museums) for Best Educational Television Documentary of the Year, 2007.

  • CAMMY Award for Outstanding Museum Leadership (with John F. Kennedy University), 2008.

Selected Publications

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