Javi, as he prefers to be called, is a senior data scientist at Compassion International, where he applies econometrics, machine learning, and experimental methods. He uses his skill set to understand and guide the development of poverty alleviation interventions in impoverished communities around the world. Javi is a development economist by training, who combines his international field research experiences with the knowledge gained at the Center for Health Policy at Stanford University. Javi blends his academic research with the data science experience earned by working in the fast-paced setting of Bay Area startups. 

Before joining Compassion International, Javi worked at Vega Economics and Protagonist where he pursued a research agenda that included risk analyses of the housing market and narrative analytics. Javi taught introductory to advanced machine learning courses for General Assembly in San Francisco.

MA in International and Development Economics, University of San Francisco
Coursework in Mathematics and Economics, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Data Scientist: Compassion International
Associate: Vega Economics
The University of San Francisco (IDEC): Adjunct Faculty
Data Scientist: Protagonist
Data Scientist - Associate: General Assembly
Data and Research Analyst: Stanford University (Center for Health Policy)