Lucio Mare

Lucio Mare

Adjunct Professor

Part-Time Faculty


Lucio Mare joined USF in the Spring of 2019. He received his PhD from the University of South Florida in 2016 and MA from Université Paris-Sorbonne Paris IV in 2011. His areas of interest include early modern philosophy, Aztec philosophy, and postcolonial studies. His most recent publications include a book chapter written in French for Presses Universitaires Françaises, and several other articles on early modern views on identity, individuation, and atomism. For the past six-years, Lucio Mare has been designing and teaching a wide variety of introductory and upper-level courses in logic, modern political philosophy, philosophy of science, and ethics, both in-person and online, at USF and elsewhere.


  • PhD, University of South Florida
  • MA, Université Paris-Sorbonne

Selected Publications

  • « Duns Scot et Saint Thomas : la question de l’individuation, » (co-authored with Roger Ariew), book chapter, volume on Leibniz et les philosophies antiques et médiévales. Edited by Vincent Carraud and Dan Arbib, Epimethée, PressesUniversitaires de France, 2019. (forthcoming)

  • “Leibniz’s Soul Pointilism: from the Resurrection of Body to the Indestructibility of Bugs in Bugs,” in 300 Yearsfrom Leibniz’s “Monadology. Edited by Juan Nicolas, Editorial Comares, Granada, Spain, 2019. (forthcoming)

  • “Leibniz’s More Fundamental Ontology: from Overshadowed Individuals to Metaphysical Atoms,” in Für unserGlück oder das Glück anderer. Edited by Wenchao Li. Georg Olms Verlag, 2016, Volume IV, pp. 269-284.

  • “The Individual in Leibniz’s Philosophy 1663-1686,” (co-authored with Roger Ariew), pp. 11-25, in Leibniz’sMetaphysics and Adoption of Substantial Forms: Between Continuity and Transformation. Edited by Adrian Nita.Springer, 2015.